How to Find a Good Insurer

If you are looking insurance of any sort, you will be wise to think about what you are looking for in a good insurer. It can make a big difference to your experience of insurance if you find an insurer that works well for you. We all have different ideas though, in what we are looking for in a good insurer and so you will need to think about this and decide what is the most important to you.


Cost is often the main factor for many people when they are looking for insurance. They will want to make sure that they are not paying more than necessary for the cover that they are getting. Many will use a comparison website or go to a broker so that they can find the cheapest insurer. It is wise though, to be aware that both of these, the broker and the websites, will get commission on what they recommend and they will not look at every single insurer. They may purposely exclude those that will not pay them commission or pay low commission and there are some insurers that do not appear on comparison websites at all anyway. This means that if you do the research yourself, you could end up paying even less. However, this will take time and you may decide that it is not worth the hassle of doing this research just to save a bit of money. It probably depends on how confident you are in your research abilities as well as how much free time you have available to do this.

What the Cover Includes

It is all very well finding the insurer with the lowest cost, but you need to make sure that it will cover everything that you need. For example, you may find that if you pay the minimum then you may not get accidental cover, cover for larger items in the home, a courtesy car or whatever. Obviously, this will change between insurers and types of insurance. However, you need to think about what you want included in the cover that you get so that you can make sure that you get everything that you want and need. Consider your wants carefully as it could be really annoying if you do make a claim and find out that you are not covered for what you expected you were covered for.

Customer Service

It is worth thinking about whether you feel that customer service is important to you. Consider if you think you will need to make a claim and whether you feel that who you talk to and what they are like will be important to you. If it ism it could be worth getting in touch with them before taking out the insurance and you will be able to get an idea of what they might be like to deal with. For example, ask them a few questions and you will find out how competent they are as well as how polite and accommodating. If there are several insurers which have a similar price for the same cover, then it could be worth using this as a way of deciding between them.

It might seem like a lot of effort, but it could be well worth it. Firstly, you could save a significant amount of money which you could spend on other things, save or use to over pay on a loan. You could also find that you will get better cover and better customer service which could give you more peace of mind. Insurance is about giving you peace of mind and so if you can improve this, then this will be worth it, especially if you pay less as well.

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